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150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz
150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz

150 kVA Triton Diesel Generator - Powered by Cummins - 50Hz

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Cummins Engine

Model # QSB5-G6

Diesel powered generator sets remain the number one choice for standby and emergency power systems worldwide. Able to start and assume load in less than 10 seconds, and rated load in a single step, Cummins diesel generators sets are the epitome of rugged dependability for reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Diesel generators are also well suited to utility peaking plants, distributed generation facilities(DG), peak shaving (or peak lopping), and power management at large commercial or industrial sites.

As a mature technology, Cummins clean and modern diesel-powered generators offer these key benefits:

  • Rapid product availability
  • Proven reliability and low life-cycle costs
  • High efficiency and operational flexibility
  • High quality electrical performance
  • Well established service and fuel supply infrastructure
  • Optional factory - integrated exhaust after treatments reduce emissions for high hour use in environmentally sensitive locations.

Deep Sea Controller

Model # 7420

The DSE7420 is an Automatic Start Generator Controller designed to automatically start and stop diesel and gas generating set that include non electronic engines.  The modules also provides excellent engine monitoring and protection features.  The module has the ability to monitor under speed, over speed, charge failure, emergency stop, low oil pressure, high engine temperature, fail to start, fail to stop, under / over generator volts, over current, over / under generator frequency, low / high DC battery volts, low fuel alarm and loss of the speed sensing signal. The module displays fault conditions on the LCD display and via LED indicators on the front panel.

The module includes RS232 or RS485 communications capabilities for linking to a PC, sending SMS messages and interfacing with new and existing building management systems.

Stamford Newage Generator End

Model # UCI274E

50 Hz Power Rating

Standby Power Rating:  150 kVA / 120 kW

Prime Power Rating:   136 kVA / 109 kW



The canopies are made of high quality steel and are completely powder coated. The paint is a three step process ensuring protection against erosion, scratching, and corrosion.  Further we give a 5 year warranty on these enclosures.


The control panel, service doors and canopy board adopt a waterproof design and effectively stop rain and dust intrusion.


  • Anti-vibration mountings between the engines, alternators and the base significantly reduce the vibrations during operation, ensuring stable operation.
  • All movable devices are fixed firmly, and therefore help reduce vibration.



The machines are equipped with monitoring system, helping monitor the operation at real time. We provide DSE-7420 control module for your operation.


  • The double protection for the cable connection panel lowers the probability of leakage caused by unintended touch or water intrusion.
  • Three-dimensional CABLING design for all the generator cables, providing reasonable, accurate and perfect protection.
  • Automatic turn-on circuit breaker with under-voltage protection system inside maximally avoids mistakes.
  • Automatic control module for multi-directional monitoring meets multilevel demands and considerate protection of or for customers.


  • The radiator and high-voltage parts are guarded to avoid accidents caused by touch.
  • The control panel is lockable. Current changeover switch, voltage regulator and circuit breakers are installed behind the door.
  • Anti-vibration rubber mounts are installed in the two sides of the doors to avoid damage to the machines when open the doors.
  • Lockable fuel filling cap.


The noise level can be reduced by 15-35dB(A) through multiple noise control devices, which enables quiet operation and has no effect on daily life. This feature makes our diesel generators ideal for use at night, in residence, office and other environments sensitive to noise.

Cleaner exhaust, less effect on the environment, even in outdoor application.


  • Adopts world-famous engines, with low noise and low emission.
  • Rigid structure ensures lowest vibration.
  • Common rail system: (for some models) significantly lowers the combustion temperature, and also leads to cleaner exhaust.


Silencer and muffler pipe system dramatically reduce the noise during operation, and therefore cause less effect on daily life.


The interior is lined with new type fire retardant and sound absorbing material.  The door is airproof with rubber seals specific for car doors use only, which helps absorb massive noise and heat during the operation.


Besides applying airproof rubber seals  around the doors, the concept of noise reduction has also been fully integrated into the inlet/outlet and other aspects.



  • Micro-processor cored digital system.
  • Multiple languages for option, automatic control.
  • Connected with mains through ATS, which can help realize automatic transfer between the mains and the generators. Also, multiple generators can be paralleled for bigger power need.


  • Outer filling fuel port.
  • 8-12 hours based fuel tank in soundproof generator sets prevent against leakage and fuel spray when cleaning the interior. The fuel tank abides by European environment protection standards.
  • Drainage outlet.
  • Water fill is located on top of the canopy


  • The oil drainage pump is located in the side door for easy operation.
  • New type waterproof door lock is easy to lock and open.
  • Clear labeling in visible positions, providing adequate information, safety presentation and convenience for operators. The labels are made of advance materials, featured with excellent high-temperature resistance, rainproof and weatherproof performance.


  • Terminal connection lugs (L1, L2, L3, and LN) make connection and wiring more simple and well-ordered.
  • Emergency stop provides convenient operation in emergent situation and when servicing.


  • The machines below 500kVA have holes for forklift and dragging in the base for easy transport.
  • Lifting eyes located on top of the canopy make easier move by cranes.


  • The daily maintenance work can be performed on both sides of the machine, and wide door allows you easily get in touch with the machine.
  • An integral base drainage outlet located at the bottom of the machine makes easier regular maintenance.
  • For generators above 300Kva, a ladder for climbing is equipped. It makes easier to check and service.

Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty(Whichever comes first)
Automatic Starting System(to work with Automatic Transfer Switch)
Battery Charging Alternator
Critical Muffler Included on Enclosed UnitsAvailable as Option on Open Units
Factory Loadbank Tested
Mainline Circuit Breaker
Skid Mounted
Generator Type:Diesel
Digital Control Panel
Sound Attenuated Weather Proof Enclosure - Available as Option on Open Units
8 Hour Base Mounted Fuel Tank
Export Only
Stamford Newage Generator End
50 Hertz


Triton Power offers dependable, high quality Cummins diesel generators. Cummins is known for being one of the most reliable brands in the  business, and since 1920, Cummins generators have been assisting consumers and  business owners in keeping their power flowing, no matter what occurs. Whether  you’re in need of a high-performance backup power system, or just in need of  keeping the lights turned on, a Cummins generator can be the perfect tool.

If you want to discover more about  the excellent supply of Cummins generators in stock, call one of our associates  by telephone at (800) 434-0003 so you can learn why Cummins generators will  help your business.

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