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2000 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set - EPA
2000 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set - EPA 2000 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set - EPA 2000 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set - EPA

2000 kW Mitsubishi Diesel Generator Set - EPA

SKU: TP-M2000-T2-60

Mitsubishi  Generator Engine

Model#  S16R-Y2PTAW2

This series of diesel generators comes with a dependable and economical Mitsubishi diesel engine.  Mitsubishi diesel generators have a worldwide reputation for reliability, fuel economy and long life. Their long stroke and low compression reduces engine stress. This engine has a service friendly design, therefore shortening maintenance time.

Stamford Alternator

60 Hz Power Rating:

Standby Power Rating:  2500 kVA /  2000 kW

Prime Power Rating:  2250 kVA /  1800 kW

Stamford products meet the highest standards, and strictest regulation requirements of the industry.  Twelve lead Stamford alternator with voltage regulator.   Stamford automatic voltage regulators for self excited generators without short circuit maintenance receive their power direct from the generator output terminals, and control generator output voltage through continual adjustment of the main rotor field strength.

Non-U.L. Circuit Breaker

Deep Sea Control Panel

Model # DSE7320

The DSE7320 is an Auto Mains (Utility) Failure Control Module suitable for a wide variety of single generator applications powered by diesel engines.  These control panels monitor your utility supply and, an extensive number of features on your generator.  The control panel will display warnings, shutdown and show engine status information on the LCD screen, remotely through PC and via text alerts(with external modem).  Easy push button control to complement the user friendly design of the generator.

Features and Benefits

ISO 20' Container with Fuel Tank Available For An Additional:  $62,100.00


All of the diesel generator metal enclosure parts are painted by electrostatic polyester powder paint.  The enclosures are designed with modular principals without welding assembly.  Exhaust silencer is protected against environmental conditions. Thermally insulated engine exhaust system.


  • Automatic control module to monitor over-current and over-temperature errors.

  • Frequency fluctuation and output volts monitored by control panel with system alarms in place.

  • Insulation on wiring which meets UL standards.

  • Emergency stop located on exterior of enclosure.

  • Locking door handles.


  • Emergency stop push button is installed outside of enclosure for easy access during emergent situation.

  • Guards on all rotating components and hot exhaust surfaces guarded to ensure personnel protection during use and service.

  • The lifting eye  located on the top of enclosure and lifting slots located on the skid are designed for easy movement of generator. 


  • Name brand engines meeting the highest standard of emission regulations.

  • Rugged steel structure for reduced vibration.



  • Digital push button starting system.

  • Multiple languages for option, automatic control.

  • Connected with mains through ATS, which automates transfer between the mains and the generators.  Multiple generators can be paralleled for larger power needs.


  • Custom double walled fuel tanks with convenient fuel ports available on request for an additional fee.

  • Outer filling fuel port

  • Drainage outlet


  • Lifting eye  located on the top of enclosure for cranes.

  • Lifting slots located on the skid are designed for easy movement of generator. 


  • Doors on each side of enclosure to facilitate engine access.

  • Internal enclosure light.

Specifications may vary. Confirm full specs prior to ordering.

1 Year / 1,000 Hour Limited Warranty - (Whichever comes first)
Automatic Starting System - (to work with Automatic Transfer Switch)
Battery Charging Alternator
Factory Loadbank Tested
Skid Mounted
Generator Type: - Diesel
3 Phase
Digital Control Panel
Sound Attenuated Weather Proof Enclosure - Available as Option on Open Units
Stamford Newage Generator End
EPA Certified
Non-U.L. Circuit Breaker


Triton Power designed a diesel generator line of Mitsubishi powered generators to complement our vast inventory.  Mitsubishi has manufactured quality diesel engines to meet the industry's toughest standards.  Superior materials are used every step of the way to ensure maximum performance and offer one of the lowest noise levels in the power generation industry.  If you’re interesting in purchasing a generator with a Mitsubishi diesel engine, contact one of our associates at 800-434-0003.

The Brand


Triton Generators is a world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of industrial diesel generator sets from 10 to 2500 kW.